4 Major Factors Contributing to the Capacity Crunch

Over the last decade, trucking capacity has continued to tighten, making it increasingly difficult for shippers to find trucks to transport their bulk products. While the existence of the capacity crunch is clear, the factors causing it are still being unraveled. While a multitude of factors are contributing the crunch, four of the major ones are examined.

Preparation key to managing capacity limitations

As your freight carriers work around the clock to recover from some of the harshest winter operating conditions to date, you may not consider preparing for the upcoming months a top priority. However, while the huge backlogs slowing freight transportation across the country may appear to be easing up, we're not in the clear yet.

Driver Shortage and Rail Delays Demand Transport Alternative

Freight volumes are improving across the board and are expected to increase further over the next six months. As a result capacity is tightening, for both rail and over-the-road freight. Planning for alternative solutions is a necessity.